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            2 self-contained cottages at moderate rates

            Blackbean Cottage

            Maple Cottage

            • Peace and quiet in a rainforest setting
            • Nearest neighbour 5 kms away
            • 2 self-contained timber cottages sleep 6 or 8
            • Linen and towels provided
            • 3 dams with platypuses
            • Row boat, swimming, walks
            • Traditional Finnish wood-fired sauna
            • Pleasantly cooler than the coast (about 5C)
            • 156 acre property borders World Heritage rainforest on 2 sides
            • Wallabies, many birds, many possums, tree kangaroos etc
            • Well located to explore southern Tablelands
            • Green power from hydro and solar
            • Games room, TV room, guest laundry
            • Kids tree house
            • Secluded, tranquil, cottages and homestead separated
            • Veranda, rainwater tanks, gas stove, fridge/freezer
            • No deposit required to book
            • All facilities free to use
            • Pet friendly
            • Some cars have difficulty with access, see”map” for discussion

            Possum Valley

            Lumholtz tree-kangaroo

            Possum Valley is 156 acres of nearly all rainforest with small clearings around the homestead and cottages. It adjoins World Heritage listed rainforest on 2 sides.

            One of the interesting animals and the largest is the Lumholtz tree-kangaroo. It has a very restricted range in rainforest above 700m. It is nocturnal but mostly seen roosting in trees during the day.



            There are 3 dams on the property and all have platypus in them.

            These shy creatures dig an extensive tunnel system into the bank with the entrance under water. They don’t use their eyes to hunt for food but sense the magnetic fields of tiny creatures.

            The males defend their territories and fight using claws on their back legs containing poison.

            Jetty and Rowboat for Guest Use

            Top dam by Andrew Brooks

            This is the top and largest dam with a little jetty and rowboat for guest use.

            It is suitable for swimming in the summer. In the winter guests are advised to do a toe test, as the water is considerably cooler than the coast.

            Some would say only suitable for penguins and polar bears!

            7 Species of Possums

            Herbert river ringtail possum

            There are 7 species of possum likely to be seen at Possum Valley. In the nearby region around Ravenshoe, there are 7 more making this area the possum capital of Australia.

            One of the rare ones is the long-tailed pygmy possum which is about mouse-sized with a tail twice as long as its body.

            The bolder possums, the coppery-brushtail, and the common ringtail, visit the cottages in the evening to test the generosity of guests.